Before you run out the door to work, dive into that project, think about all you need to do to impress that “special someone,” or figure out how to conquer that hidden issue that plagues your soul, rest. You are loved. You matter. Be the noble, beautiful, handsome you that you already are.
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2nd Chances Do Exist!

‪What drives you to be a human-doing?‬

‪Childhood pain, deeply rooted fears, a sense of worthlessness in our being – all keep us from living our dreams and drive us in life to strive to prove that we’re worth something. ‬

‪What is there in your life that drives you to prove you have value in a certain area?‬

‪Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and felt completely at rest in your soul. Imagine as you went through your day, you knew deep within your being that you had incredible worth. What if no one could take that away from you by anything they said or did? That tomorrow can be today!‬

‪I want to invite you on a journey with me, it’s a journey of discovering the incredible value and nobility you already have within you but may have never seen and accepted. ‬

‪Pre-purchase a copy of Child of the King and immediately receive a free 31 Day Experiential Guide to download and begin the journey of living everyday in the reality of your infinite worth and a place of being loved. There’s courage waiting for you to help you embrace your destiny. Join me on the journey by clicking the link below:‬

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‪To learn more about the book, click:‬

Child of the King Website

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Pre-purchase Child of the King

So incredibly excited. The website is up and running and now taking pre-orders for my book Child of
The King to be released in stores 11/1/17.

From a cold jail cell, the loss of family, a job, friends, to the heights climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, to the loss of a dear friend, through tragedy and triumph, I share my own story in the hopes you’ll see your story matters.

If you pre-purchase Child of the King now, you’ll receive a free 31 Day Experiential Guide to help you discover a deeper life filled with joy, peace, and power for your unique purpose. Then on 11/1/17, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book along with a free workbook that accompanies it. Click the link below:…/child-of-the-king-by-vince-n…/

Thank you all for your incredible encouragement throughout the years. My greatest hope is that if you feel stuck in life, if you’ve given up hope, you’ll truly discovery you’re valuable, you’re loved, you have a purpose and destiny and the best is yet to come. Join me on the journey!


Available 11/1/17 – Child of the King

Trapped in a damp jail cell, Vince Nelson awakens and reflects on what led him to this point in life. An affair, pending divorce, loss of a career, friendships and respect, and years of failure disguised as success.

He had endured childhood sexual abuse and was facing a possible DWI charge…all painful experiences that led him to depression, loss of purpose and a life wrought with an identity crisis.

What happens when you’ve hit rock bottom? Having lost all, sometimes a miracle happens. For Vince when the jail cell door opens, a new identity awaits. Travel with Vince on his journey through healing and restoration as he discovers the Fathers plan for each of us. Vince begins a new journey of freedom and discovery as he climbs Mt Kilimanjaro, where he meets someone that will change his destiny and future forever.

Join him on his journey to find his identity, value and life’s purpose. It’s everyman’s journey, the journey of the inward soul to rediscover the value, worth and destiny that you’ve always had but may have never experienced. Journey with Vince and discover your own freedom story through the pages of Child of the King.


To pre-order your copy of Child of the King, email Vince at:

You’ll receive a free devotional to start you on the journey of freedom. Then on November 1st, you’ll also receive a free workbook to accompany Child of the King, helping you truly discover the infinite value and destiny that’s waiting for you to experience.

You are loved. You are loveable. You matter and this world needs the uniqueness of the difference you can make. Courage, climb the mountain and experience the winds of freedom that await.

A New Journey Begins As A Child of the King

A New Journey Begins as a Child of the King


From Kauai and the Kalalau Trail, Africa and Mt. Kilimanjaro, California and Hermosa Beach, Rockwall, Seattle and Mt. Rainer, the Dominican Republic, Oklahoma, Fort Worth, and Dallas…like a collection of snow globes, each with their unique look, these places indelibly impacted my soul as I was writing the book Child of the King.


Each place represent a struggle from my past, inner soul wounds to climb like the mountains of Africa to reach the summit of healing and peace. Along the journey, was a person who loved all the broken pieces of my soul. A person who saw me…all of me, failures, warts, desires, hopes, dreams and all…and then believed in me and took my hand to write each one of the pages of the book, pages that were often filled with tears, but pages that would lead to freedom and finally find rest, embrace my value and begin living out the destiny that awaited me. Bethany Williams, my beautiful wife, was that person.


Another significant person was Tammy Kling, best selling New York Times author and CEO coach, who not only introduced me to Bethany, but would become my life coach, my dear friend, and ultimately help me complete the book, bringing it to a publisher, who I signed with today!


Today I reflect back on the journey and my heart is filled with gratitude. I’m grateful because through all my failure, my Creator and King loved my through it all, never leaving me, gently leading me, always loving me, finally helping me to rest and be the dearly loved son that I am to him.


My heart is also filled with great expectation as a new journey for me begins. It’s a journey of living in complete Love and Truth, in complete vulnerability, with the hope that as I share this book with you and many others, that you will experience for yourself a different kind of life than you’ve been living. It’s a life filled with excitement and purpose. It’s a life filled with power as you live out the magnificent destiny you were designed with…a destiny that this world needs as only you can bring. It’s a life where if you’ve felt like a failure, you’ll finally forgive yourself and live a full life. It’s the kind of life where if you’ve struggled to make things happen you’ll finally be able to rest. As you slow down and enjoy life you’ll see you were more productive than you were before. It’s the kind of life where the rejected find acceptance and embrace. It’s the kind of life where you finally believe you are loved, you are loveable, you are valuable, you make a difference, you value yourself and you love others, making a difference in their lives.


As the book moves closer to being published…I get a sense of destiny. There’s freedom waiting for you, dearly loved Child of the King.